Work to improve forever.
   Marcos Juarez - Pcia. Cordoba - Argentina -   Tel.+[54] (03472) 428885.
Injection of engineering polymers
We have all the tools for all types of work. 
Experience in layout, development and implementation of projects.
We work in PVC - PP-PE - ABS - PC - PS - PA - SAM and on all kinds of compounds.
We have special equipment to perform the work.
We develop moulds matrix for our own  production or for third parties, using cad-cam technology. Taking into account the level of production required.
We have a quality control system, suitable not only for the production but also for each particular product, working both as a single system.
We are committed and we are working under the continuous improvement method, Kaizen 5S

Quality products
We operate with leading companies in plastic engineering materials.
We have highly trained personnel.
There is a quality system on the production and another on the product.