Work to improve forever.
   Marcos Juarez - Pcia. Cordoba - Argentina -   Tel.+[54] (03472) 428885.
Injection of engineering polymers
* Since 1989 our company is in the market

* We draw diagrams for work in sequence, with high production efficiency.

* We have all the tools for all types of work
* Experience in layout, development and implementation of projects.

* With a sufficient quantity of products in domestic and external markets.

* We are involved in the industrial automation since 2004.

* We are active members of an association of young entrepreneurs in the city of Marcos Juarez. (AJE). Since 2006.

* We work with the continuous improvement system 5S (Kaizen), which through the Instituto Nacional deTecnologia Industrial (INTI), we were able to incorporate it to the company from the year 2007.